Reggae To Reggae 420 Code Ganga Tour

Reggae To Reggae in association with Accompong Town presents an all year Ganja (420 Code) Tour at Liberation Ground, Accompong Town Jamaica.... call 876-534-4035/804-1814 for more details.

Accompong Town Cancer Eradication Centre

For all your Cannabinoids Cancer Cure treatment please contact 876-804-1814/534-4035


We are aware that some viewers with Flow Jamaica internet account are unable to view the live-stream/videos. Here are the one-time settings change to correct the issue.

1. Right click on control panel *  2. Go to internet connections        * 3. Right click on wireless and select properties  * 4. Double click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4), * 5. Check "use the following DNS server...."   * 6. Enter to preferred DNS & to alternate DNS.  * 7. Repeat the steps for LAN connection.