Reggae To Reggae 420 Code Ganga Tour

Reggae To Reggae in association with Accompong Town presents an Ganja (420 Code) Tour at Liberation Ground, Accompong Town Jamaica.... call 329-3367/804-1814 for more details.

Accompong Town Cancer Eradication Centre

For all your Cannabinoids Cancer Cure treatment please contact 804-1814/329-3367 


We are aware that some viewers with Flow Jamaica internet account are unable to view the live-stream/videos. Here are the one-time settings change to correct the issue.

1. Right click on control panel *  2. Go to internet connections        * 3. Right click on wireless and select properties  * 4. Double click on internet protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4), * 5. Check "use the following DNS server...."   * 6. Enter to preferred DNS & to alternate DNS.  * 7. Repeat the steps for LAN connection.